When Something is Nothing

“It was the magnitude of the nothing that took my breath away.”
Eve Joseph, In The Slender Margin

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

How often have you heard that phrase when you thanked someone?

Perhaps you’ve even fallen into the habit of using it yourself?

Yet when we use it, we discount the contribution and effort made that is being appreciated and, at the same time, we discount the gratitude giver. I encourage you to resolve to stop using those words! Instead, allow any offered gratitude to penetrate your being. Recognize and accept that you are worthy.

I remember attending church as a child and dutifully striking my breast over my heart as I uttered, “I am not worthy to receive.” When I left the church for good, I was filled with much anger at the violation done unconsciously through that physical gesture which imprints a strong, negative belief into every cell of the body. As part of my healing, I would strike my breast and repeat, “I AM WORTHY!” And lest you say, “Oh, it’s just the context,” I remind you that “Ye too are gods; all of you are children of the Most High.”

We are all magnificent. We are all worthy. And worthy to receive.

Whew! Guess I had something to get off my chest there. That was a bit of a segue from where I intended to go with this newsletter, which is to extend my thanks to all the guests who participated in my recent virtual book launch, namely:

Thanks, also, to everyone who attended live or ‘in love’ as Jillian refers to it when you can’t attend in real time.

Allow my gratitude to cascade over you like a waterfall. Soak it in. Mwah!