My Book is now on Amazon

Could it be any more embarrassing for an author than to issue an announcement with a spelling mistake in the title! Yikes! That’s what I did last week when I shouted to the world about the release of my debut novel, Breathing With Trees. (It’s sneak peek, not peak!) Insert pink blush here. Thanks to all of you who were kind enough not to mention it.

And here’s the thing I learned…although I was mortified, I didn’t die from it. We are more resilient than we think AND people are often kinder than we are to ourselves.

So, I’m getting over it and moving on with three pieces of exciting news:

1.  My book is now available for purchase through and

Breathing With Trees is in paperback or as a Kindle ebook. If your favourite reader is Kobo, you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for that format.

When I first got the email that my book was officially published, I rushed to Amazon and searched for my book + my name, only to get this message:

“Do you mean Breathing With Trees Donna Coats?”

Assuming the error was mine when setting up my account, I frantically searched to see where I had entered my name incorrectly. But I hadn’t. Apparently, my surname triggers an algorithm that tells Amazon that the combination of those letters—C O S T A—must be a typo. Go figure.

Proper forms had to be submitted to inform Amazon I am indeed a person, and the algorithm appears to have been changed. Whew! For a minute, I thought I would remain eternally auto-corrected in the Amazon world.

Incidents like this certainly help keep one’s author-ego in check. Or perhaps it’s as my spiritual teacher, Deborah Carter, says, “Obstacles arise to test our resolve.” 

Hear this Universe: I am resolved!

2.  My author website is up and running:

A big SHOUT OUT to Christine Petrie who flipped all the right switches and pressed all the right buttons to get the website live. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

Have a look at the new website and let me know what you think. It’s where you can sign up for my newsletter. It will be sent once or twice a month with bookish potpourri—snippets of writing, insider details, inspired wisdom, and updates about my writing or book events.

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3.  You can find me on Facebook: Donna Costa – Author
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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash.