Healing frequencies are all around, available and waiting for us.

Be open.



Be open to receive pure, powerful healing. Begin to receive the frequencies and the healing designed specifically for you. Trust in the wisdom of the universe.  It knows what you need.

You are worthy to receive.

Receive a boost to your vitality. Receive a transformative healing on any level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Receive a change to your life path, a change to a belief, a change in a relationship. Receive increased joy, feelings of bliss, inner peace, overall wellbeing. Receive inner visions, heightened intuition, enhanced creativity, an overwhelming sense of knowing. Receive, receive, receive.

The form of healing you may receive is endless. But whatever the form, it occurs where, when, and how it needs to…  it cannot be forced the way you think it should. It knows what you need most!

Be open to receive.
Trust the wisdom of the universe.


On the day of your session...

You simply lie on your back, fully clothed, on a massage table while my hands work in the energy field around your body. There is no physical contact. Click here for further details, including Distance Sessions.

You may experience physical sensations such as tingling, twitching or jerking, changes in body temperature. You may notice images or fantastic colours. Sometimes memories replay like a movie. A few hear music or smell fragrances. Some receive a message, while others simply fall asleep and don’t notice anything at all. Almost everyone speaks of deep peace and relaxation.

Regardless of what you notice during your session, there is no right or wrong way to experience a healing. Whether you observe changes immediately or your healing unfolds over time, the healing comes through designed perfectly for YOU by the Universe.

Let go of expectation or intention for specific results.
Allow the healing to happen for your highest good.


Photo: Tanjerine Studios

I am Donna.

Healer. Writer. Catalyst. Speaker. Lightworker.

I am here.

Here for you.

I’m here to open the portal for you to begin receiving the healing frequencies.

I’m here to be a catalyst for your life progress, your personal evolution of Self.

I’m here to support you, to guide your awareness of your new state of being.

I work with frequencies of energy, light and information. These frequencies are real and you can feel them. If you’re ready, it’s as simple as a free ten minute call – The Quick Connect. Distance is irrelevant when working with these frequencies, so when we connect by phone or Skype, you simply...

Hold out your hand.

Receive. Connect. Feel the frequencies.

It’s really that easy to begin.
Choose to take the first step.

Step into knowing. Step into you. Step into being.

Know. You. Be.


Choose your next level of receiving these healing frequencies.

The Opening

One session to open  your portal. Ideal for those who prefer to explore through Self contemplation at your own pace. May be repeated when you choose.

You may also gift a session to a loved one. Like saying a prayer for someone in need, you may tell them about it or do it anonymously.

Distance or in person.


The Accelerator

A unique and powerful experience that reconnects your energy to the energy grid of the universe. It is never repeated because it doesn’t need to be. Literally, a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

Also known as the Life Path Accelerator. Ideal for those wanting to know, change, or accelerate their life path, to go deeper.

In person only.


The Power of Three

Allow yourself to more fully experience the frequencies with three healing sessions PLUS three followup conversations to guide your awareness of  your new state of being.

Take the journey.

Feel held.

Feel supported.

Distance or in person.



Rebecca Liston

When Donna first studied Reconnective Healing, she reached out to me, a long-time client, to see if I was willing to give it a go. I had no idea what it was, and, in a move that is quite uncharacteristic of me -- and speaks of my deep trust in Donna herself -- I said yes without doing any research into the practice or technique at all. It's hard to write about the experience. What words can be used to describe something that is at once peaceful and pleasant, and also deeply life-changing? I've now experienced the entire Reconnection Process, and return for Reconnective Healing when I feel within me that I need it. While each time is unique, I feel within my entire being a shift and response that is deeply aligned with Who I Am, and so I know it is a very good thing indeed.

London, Ontario

Stephanie Saline

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from my work with Donna; I just knew in my bones I needed to, and trusted that. Because I worked with Donna, I experienced the most subtle yet noticeable shift in how I relate to my life — walking around with a smile on my face for no reason, relating to disappointments as possibilities, and just feeling quite held by Life herself. Donna acted as my trusted guide, pointing out different things and asking questions that had no right answer, which is a rare and wonderful skill. If you feel called to work with her, trust that knowing. Do it.

Buffalo, New York

Brenda R

I have gifted distance healing sessions to family members, my dog and myself!  I had not told anyone that they were to receive the session. The most obvious result was a calming of medical emergencies and, for my sweet dog, we had her more like herself for a few more months at the end of her life.  This was a precious gift.

London, Ontario

Photo: Tanjerine Studios

Distance Healing Sessions


  • Allow one hour from start to finish for your session which includes:
    • 5 minutes conversation at the beginning (phone, Skype, etc)
    • 30 minute healing time
    • 10-15 minute debrief (phone, Skype or as otherwise arranged)
  • Each session will be personally facilitated by Donna Costa.
  • Once you have registered for your session, you will receive a confirmation email and receive a receipt.
  • All sessions are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you must do so at least 48 hours before your appointed date and time. Or you may transfer your session to another individual to take place on the appointment date and time.
  • A photo of you is not required, nor will Donna need to know the reason you desire your session.

Preparing For Your Session

  • Select a date and time when you can be in a quiet, peaceful environment for approximately one hour. Do your best to avoid choosing times when people may be coming and going around you or when there’s a lot of noise or disruptions.
  • Wear comfortable, relaxed clothing if possible. Blanket
  • Select a room or space where you can close the door and enjoy your privacy.
  • Be ready at the selected time. Donna will contact you then (phone, Skype, etc)
  • After the call:
  • Set your phone to silent and set the timer for a 35 minute countdown, preferably with a gentle wake-up tone.
  • It is suggested that you lie down comfortably on your back during your session. A comfortable chair is an acceptable alternative. If another position is more comfortable, that is fine also.
  • Allow your eyes to be closed during your sessions; however, if you are more comfortable with them open, that is also okay. (You may be aware of more sensations with your eyes closed.)
  • Let go and release your expectations!
  • Physical sensations may sometimes be felt very strongly. Please allow yourself to relax and enjoy this.
  • When your phone timer is up, please turn your phone back on.
  • You will receive a phone call

Terms and Disclaimer:

Understand that I cannot make any promises or guarantees about your healing sessions. I cannot promise whether your results will come in the form you desire or expect, or in a form you haven’t even imagined yet. I don’t know whether they will happen immediately or later. I don’t know if they will make themselves known to you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise. I don’t know whether they will show up in your evolution or your life progress or in another form, whether they will make sense to you or not. I don’t even know whether you will notice anything at all. If that’s alright with you, I welcome you to schedule your session with me.

Donna Costa makes no promises, guarantees, representations and/or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment and is neither diagnosing, preventing, nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.

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