KorotkovBookFZThe book “Science Confirms Reconnective Healing” by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, describes results of different experiments and clinical trials exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing.

KorotkovFZ“Experiments during three years demonstrated that sessions of Reconnective Healing had statistically significant positive influence on the functional state, humoral activity, physical condition and reaction to loading for the group of people both immediately and in10 days after the influence. This signifies long-lasting effect of Reconnective Healing and its significance for people’s health and well-being. Reconnective Healing does not invoke a relaxational response in the person, but decreases both sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, as observed when a person is in a state of emotional detachment, inner quiet and heightened awareness of the flow of subtle energy. These physiological responses are compatible with the Reconnective Healing principle of sensing and kinesthetically interacting with energy fields, as well as passively allowing the energy to flow through the body. One special effect of Reconnective Healing is structurization of Space in the auditorium, which affects all people present.”

LymphocyteFZThe book includes a double blind test – “Influence of Reconnective Healing on Human Immune Status and Psycho-physical Status”The following significant changes in the immune system have been identified: the general increase of lymphocytes, of the helper cells, and of the suppressor cells. Psychological status of the experimental group demonstrated significant improvement: negative psychological indicators reduced – tension, depression, aggression, fatigue and confusion […] These changes prove multiple positive effects of one session of Reconnective Healing on deep mechanism of immune regulation, psycho-modulation (increase the mental power and decrease stress manifestations) and increase the immune response.

statAnother double blind test on Russian athletes (members of the national teams) –  “Influence of the Reconnective Healing on Psycho-physiological State of Athletes” found that “each of the athletes experienced a significant boost in their energy levels, on with an average increase of 22% on or more.”  There was also significant decrease in blood pressure and increased efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

For statistical analysis of  the data, consult the “Science Confirms Reconnective Healing”.

The Reconnection website contains a document summarizing studies on Reconnective Healing. This includes some of the experiments in Korotkov’s book, as well as further studies that have been done since his book was published. You can find this document “Science and The Reconnection” here.

Below are a few of my favourite studies on Reconnective Healing.

TillerFZTest on the Effects on the Seminar Environment in an Reconnective Healing Seminar by William Tiller, Ph.D. (Physicist; Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; author of The Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time; author of eight books (four in psychoenergetic science); 250 scientific papers star of the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?) and Walter E. Dibble, Jr., Ph.D. (Geochemist; Professor Emeritus, Stanford University)

This experiment explored changes in the free thermo-dynamic energy field in the training room during an RH seminar. It found that a huge change occurs in the room before the seminar, with changes continuing to increase during the seminar. If the magnitude of the change was measured in temperature (which it isn’t: it is an analogy to aid understanding), it would be as if the temperature had increased by 300º Centigrade (572º F). Dr. Tiller theorizes that this field effect may partially explain why people can learn Reconnective Healing so quickly.

Dr. Tiller’s White Paper XI:WhitePaper An Experimental Investigation of some Reconnective Healing Workshops via a Unique Subtle Energy Detector.  Here is Dr. Tiller discussing the experiment:

ShoulderFZSchwartzFZRange-of-Motion Study by  Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Melinda Conner, PhD – This was a double blind study to assess and measure the effectiveness of Reconnective Healing, Reiki, sham healing, physical therapy, and no treatment on the range of motion (ROM) in 78 participants with restricted shoulder mobility. The data was also “blind” analyzed without the analyst knowing which practitioners’ results they were reviewing, and used standardized computer statistical software to tabulate the results. There was a highly significant difference post-treatment between the five groups. Reconnective Healing demonstrated the largest average change in range of any of the five groups and was more than twice as effective as physical therapy.  Ten minutes of Reconnective Healing increased range of motion by an average of 26 degrees and a significant impact on decreasing self-reported pain.

PothosFZConnorFZLeaf Longevity Test by Melinda Conner, Ph.D. and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., University of Arizona – Leaves were picked from a pothos plant (separated from the stem) and left to die. The control leaf was left to die naturally and died in 3-12 days. Other leaves were worked on by practitioners with different energy healing techniques. The leaves with energy healing lasted longer than the control leaves. The leaves with Reconnective Healing lasted the longest, up to 90 days AND some leaves were seen to regenerate roots! This test also showed differences between the energy healing techniques and Reconnective Healing.  It was found that Reiki starts faster, then fades; Qi Gong starts slower but lasts longer; and Reconnective Healing starts faster and stays much longer! The leaf studies were also conducted at a distance — the leaves were in the lab in Arizona the test subjects were in Los Angeles. RH works at a distance.

ReinRZDNAFZPlant DNA Studies by Glen Rein, Ph.D., Director, Quantum Biology Research Labs, New York. In this experiment, plant DNA was shocked by submerging it in hot water or with electricity. When shocked, the DNA unwinds. Left alone, it will eventually rewind (healing) and the DNA takes in light as it rewinds. Leaves subjected to Reiki, Johrei, and Jin Shin rewound slower than if they had been left alone without any energy healing. Reconnective Healing was the only healing modality in which the DNA rewound FASTER. During the rewinding of the DNA, it also seemed to correct some defects inherent or pre-existing in the DNA of the plant. None of the energy-healing techniques produced those results.  Dr. Rein also found out that distance helps and RH was most effective in proximal-distal healing, that is, when the practitioner was not standing beside the leaf DNA, but moved away (ie across the room).

Human DNA Study by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Mary Flores – Using an experiment similar to the Plant DNA Study, but using human DNA, with the same results.