Donna’s Journey – Part 1

BookRZIn a waiting room, I chanced upon a book called “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” written by Dr. Eric Pearl. It was a book about his journey after he discovered an ability to be a catalyst to healings using frequencies of energy, light and information.  These frequencies are also available to us for our own healing. Intrigued, I took the training and booked some healing sessions. This is my astonishing experience during two sessions of The Reconnection.

To start the first session, I laid on my back on a massage table. The practitioner began to move his hands above my body in my energy field. I closed my eyes in order to focus on the experience.  The first thing I noticed was a sense of pressure in the bones of my left eye socket. Pressure, pressure, pressure!  And I had a sensation I never felt before, one which I can only describe “as if the bone was being restructured”.  As I observed these sensations in my eye, I remembered traumas that I had experienced to the eye – I had been accidentally hit with a baseball bat there in Grade 8 during a game and then, 30 years later, hit there again with a tennis racket. (“Oops, sorry Gramma,” said Ethan, age 2.)

TableThe feeling of bone restructuring continued until I became aware of a pulling sensation in my teeth, as if they were being pulled backward into my mouth.  And, as the sensation of pulling increased, I felt fear rise up in my body. More pulling, more fear. Still more pulling and even more fear. While it continued in this way with increased sensations of pulling and fear, I was reminded of wearing braces around puberty age and I can say that “pulling and fear” summarize that experience for me! And then, I felt the fear dissolve like a hologram fading pixel by pixel, and I was left with a feeling of incredible calm and peace.

Throughout the sessions, I also experienced many physical responses that would have clearly been visible had there been an observer in the room. Sometimes it was just small moves, like a twitching of my finger. But more frequently, there were gross motor movements…a jerking of the whole hand or the arm, sometimes a leg, or even my head. Sometimes all parts would jolt at once.

I saw a word appear to me in big, capital letters. It simply said:






handsI was aware of the colour purple when I closed my eyes, but the colour seemed to fill the entire room. And within that colour, I was aware of beings. I could not see their faces, but I could feel their presence. And then a new being would come into the room, into that colour purple and, as that happened, my whole body would lurch on the table, arching my back and flailing my limbs. Then another being would come into the purple and, again, my body would lurch. Then another being, and another, and another, with my body lurching each time. It was exhausting and, finally, I shouted (in my mind), “How much more!” And the answer I received back was, “You asked for it. You got it!”

So that was my incredible experience on the table during The Reconnection. But what did all that mean? What did it do for me? What happened after those sessions? Did my life change? Did my life path accelerate? (It is, after all, called the Life Path Accelerator.)  It’s taken me 2 1/2 years to get comfortable with the telling of my story. But slowly, I’ve come to accept and understand that this energy is very real, very healing, and very transformative!

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