Letting Go To Move Forward

There is a feeling of Certainty that occurs after Reconnective Healing, an overwhelming sense of knowing.  Years ago, after my RH sessions, I knew with certainty that I had to quit my part time job in bookkeeping. I also knew with certainty that it was time to go more fully into the holistic work that I was doing. This certainty was visceral: I felt it in my gut. I simply HAD to do it.

So I let go of a steady paycheque to follow my life path. I felt certainty in taking action even while feeling uncertain what was ahead on the path. Sometimes moving forward means letting go…letting go of security, letting go of the familiar… in order to grow, evolve, and to progress in life.

So I followed my path, trusted my gut instincts. I became an Instructor in the body therapy that I do and also became a Mentor in Reconnective Healing. It was an exciting four years with lots of learning and travel, while building my business.

And then, once again, I found myself KNOWING it was time to let go. Knowing what action I needed to take in order to move forward. It was about letting go of the instructing in the body therapy that I do. Oh, I resisted, this time. I cried. I argued with myself. I worked hard to become an instructor and had just gotten started. How could it already be time to let go?   And yet the KNOWING didn’t change. The knowing only got stronger and then, one day, I saw an image of how the work that I was desperately holding onto was hiding my Light. And that, by letting go, my true Light will shine even brighter.

With this vision, my resistance dissolved. Once again, I felt certainty in taking action even while being uncertain what was ahead on the path.

In the words of Joseph Campbell, “We must be willing to let go of the lives we have planned, so as to live the lives that are waiting for us.”