Special Event


Come play in the healing frequencies!

Learn about healing with friends, relatives, animals, nature. Even self healing!

June 3/18, 2-4 pm

at The Social Beehive, London, Ontario


Instructors:  Joan Fowler & Donna Costa

“Every single person, no matter what his or her professional or family background, religion,
or previous experience in healing, can learn how to do this work and facilitate healings
for others, their families and themselves…even if
– and, sometimes, especially if –
they have no background in healing whatsoever!”





What do we do?

  • Playfully engage with this field of infinite intelligence through awareness & listening
  • Learn the 3 As — Allowing, Attention, Awareness
  • Feel the frequencies…they are real & tangible!
  • Play games with the frequencies & each other
  • Listen to each other’s feedback & comments about what was felt
  • Engaging with the field helps restore harmony and balance
  • Hear some science….DNA mostly, but even how plants respond to frequencies
  • What is healing?
  • What is distance healing?
  • Healing with animals, friends, relatives
  • Using the frequencies in nature, in meditation, and in various social situations to inspire harmony
  • Using the frequencies in our daily life, practical applications
  • Self healing

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Joan Fowler is an Associate Instructor and Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection. She travels globally with Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection Teaching Team, supporting the expansion of this transformative work. Joan also manages a vibrant Reconnective Healing Practice in Maryland. Additionally, she is a graduate of the United States Military Academy West Point, MBA, and is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Hospice Caregiver.


Donna Costa is a Mentor and Ambassador with The Reconnection. She has travelled throughout North America and to Asia supporting Dr. Eric Pearl and his team in their training. Her Reconnective Healing practise is in London, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, Bowen therapy, and holistic nutrition. She is currently writing a book of Young Adult Fiction featuring Reconnective Healing and is a Hospice volunteer offering Reconnective Healing.