How A Simple Word Game Clarified A Life Strategy Can Stock Photo/mybaitshop/a

In our house, we regularly complete the newspaper crossword. One puzzle, three adults, one-third each.

Next, two of us move on to the Word Jumble. When that’s complete, there’s the Word Search…but no one is interested at that point, except me.

Too boring, they say.

Too easy.

Too tame, monotonous, tiresome.

But here’s what Word Search has shown me…

First of all, let me just say that, when I need to take my mind off things, sometimes easy and monotonous is just the ticket. Because it’s boring and effortless, Word Search is like a working meditation.

I’ve noticed that I always begin solving the puzzle by letting my eyes relax and my gaze soften. This allows the hidden words to appear before me. It just happens, as if by magic, like one of those hidden image, Magic Eye pictures. It’s as if I let the words come to me, as if I’m receiving the words instead of going to find them.

After no further words spontaneously appear, I move on to intuition.  I select a word from the list of words to find and instinctively go to a specific area of the puzzle. My pen hovers there for a split second and …voila, there’s the word! This has happened so often that I’ve stopped asking how I know where the word is hidden. I’m comfortable with knowing that I can tap into my intuition at any moment.

When I’ve exhausted the relax-into-it stage and my intuition, I move onto logic and use a systematic approach to find the few remaining words. Row by row, letter by letter, I find the residual words.

Today as I completed the Word Search, I realized that my approach to solving the puzzle is also a life strategy. Let me explain…

Last year, I made a conscious decision to stop trying to force specific, defined outcomes. This doesn’t mean I don’t set goals. It means I’m keeping my goals general, rather than detailed. (I tend to be detail oriented, so this is a shift for me!)

For example, let’s say you want a new job. Set a general statement – I want a job that is fulfilling, satisfying and pays me a great salary! You might specify the industry (if that matters to you) while not necessarily specifying what kind of job within that industry. (This may be exactly opposite to what many teachers say about setting intention!) This approach is about surrendering the how and focusing on the end result of what you ultimately want that job to give you – fulfillment, satisfaction and financial benefit (or whatever your wants are).

You are not focused on how your goal will arrive. Instead, you allow Life to determine the specifics. It’s much easier for Life to bring you what you ask for when you haven’t (over) specified how it needs to manifest. Just like my relax-into-it stage of Word Search, you are allowing the goal to come to you. It’s subtle, and it’s a different approach, but when you let go of forcing, you’ll begin to notice synchronicities appearing in your life.

Then there’s the intuition piece. I knew that my intuition had increased since Reconnective Healing as I often get ‘messages’, sometimes auditory, sometimes visual, sometimes a gut feeling. Until my experience with Word Search, however, I didn’t realize how often I tapped into my intuition and connected with my higher knowing. It was such a simple demonstration of intuition and a pleasant discovery!

By the way, I recently started training to continue to develop my intuition. This skill (intuition) can be an extensive and invaluable tool to help you make better decisions and to access wisdom you may not have known was there. As with any skill, the more you practice, the more refined your skill becomes. (And intuition often increases after Reconnective Healing. Just saying.)

My last strategy in the Word Search was to use my logic. That’s the part that I actually found to be monotonous! Now of course we need logic in our lives but, if you have a life goal that hasn’t manifested, consider reframing your goal to be more general, less specific, (less is more!) and let it come to you, while allowing your intuition to give you information along the way. This doesn’t mean you just sit back and wait. You still need to take action. But instead of planning each action step in advance, trust that you will know what action to take at the right moment.

At its simplest level, Word Search is a puzzle and a form of relaxation. It can also provide opportunity to practice your intuition and maybe even provide insight into your life!