Donna’s Journey – Part 3

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You may receive images

During The Reconnection, you may receive messages, images or sensations, but it is up to you to interpret those and what the significance may be for you on your accelerated life path. That is why a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner will listen to you explain what you experienced during the session, but will not offer any interpretation of your experience, nor will the practitioner tell you what s/he felt during your session. Remember that, with The Reconnection, we heal others and heal ourselves. Therefore, any information by way of images, messages or sensations that the practitioner receives during your session is really intended for his/her own healing journey.

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So, after my Reconnection, it was up to me to determine the meaning of what I experienced. Well, remember that pulling sensation in the teeth, accompanied by increasing fear? The fear then dissolved away like pixels in a hologram, and I felt incredible peace and calm.  That shift allowed me to move forward with adult orthodontic work that was greatly needed. (HINT: If you have braces as a kid, but don’t wear your retainer, your teeth WILL shift and you will need  braces as an adult!)

The void of possibilities

A void of possibilities

Remember the word RESIGN that I saw in big capital letters?  On one level, it meant to surrender and to just give into the healing frequencies. And yet, I also knew it was referring to my jobs. You see, at that time, I was working two part time jobs. One job was in accounting and office work. I had a boss that I liked and got along well with, I enjoyed my co-workers, I had flexible hours that I could set to suit my schedule, and I had a steady pay cheque!  And at that time, I also had a part time business in holistic health care that I’d been doing for over 15 years. But I had never made the leap to doing it full time, to doing just my own business. So I knew that RESIGN meant to let go of the office job and go fully into my life’s work, into holistic health care! Even though I knew what I needed to do, it was difficult to let go of fear (and a steady pay cheque) to go into my own business full time! Yet here I am, 2½ years later.  My business continues to grow, I’ve become a licensed instructor in Bowenwork and I am in the Mentor Program with The Reconnection.   As one of my clients so aptly worded it, “I’ve stepped into the void of possibilities.”  (Thanks, Jennifer, for that description!)

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