Donna’s Journey – Part 2

NewLifeFZThey say that hindsight is 20/20. And they also say “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!”  Well, in Reconnective Healing, we say, “Your healing may come in the form you anticipate. Or it may come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of…one the Universe has designed specifically for you.”  In looking back to my sessions of The Reconnection, I now realize that I did get exactly what I wished for. You see, so many times in the past, in my lowest moments of despair, hopelessness, indecision or uncertainty, I used to say, “Please just give me a sign!  But make it so damn obvious that I can’t miss it!”  And that is precisely what I received during my healing sessions. While the responses that I experienced during The Reconnection were intense and exhausting (see Part 1), they were: a) exactly what I asked for; and b) exactly what I needed. That experience convinced me that Reconnective Healing frequencies are REAL!  As I was told during The Reconnection, “You asked for it: you got it!”

Let me point out that not everyone responds the same way I did to Reconnective Healing frequencies. In fact, some people might have been frightened to receive an experience like mine. Yet some people, like me, may require that intensity for confirmation of the experience.  Just trust that whatever comes through for you is perfect for you.  But regardless of what is experienced during the session, it’s more important to look at what changes after the healing session. In each of the next few journal entries, I will review a piece of my experience and how that has affected me since The Reconnection.

BIGsmallFZRemember that first sensation that I experienced, the feeling of bone being restructured in my left eye socket?  When I received The Reconnection, I had already been involved in holistic health care for almost 15 years.  I was in good health, thanks to Homœopathy, Bowen therapy and the Wise Traditions diet, and I wasn’t expecting physical healing from the session. So it was a bit of a surprise that the first thing I noticed was what would be called a physical healing. Now, can I say positively that the bone was restructured? No! But I can say that the bone does not bother me in severely cold weather like it used to (and we get a lot of that weather here during a Canadian winter). Also, after a long, tiring day, I used to get pain in the bone just from the weight of my eyeglasses and that never happens any more.  To some, these changes might seem like small things. But do we discount healing because it is small or do we accept healing in whatever form it is given?

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