Certainty In Relationships

25610945 pug and teddy bear with matching medicalPeople often feel certainty about relationships after interacting with Reconnective Healing frequencies.  This certainty may relate to entering into a relationship commitment or, alternatively, may be about knowing it is time to end a relationship. Sometimes it is about finding forgiveness, opening channels of communication, or holding a space of love to truly listen without judgement.  Here’s what four of my clients have experienced…

  • Jen said, “I released a long term relationship. I deeply mourned the loss, but knew it no longer served either of us as we were.”
  • Marianne was in the midst of a divorce when she came for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. While waiting for the sale of the property to be completed, Marianne and her husband were forced to live together in the same house due to financial considerations. Understandably, there was a lot of tension and arguments between them. After Reconnective Healing, she no longer felt triggered by things her husband said or did. She felt calm and centered which came through in her interactions with her husband, in her tone of voice and choice of words. Being unruffled helped her soon-to-be ex?husband feel calmer as well. When the sale was finally completed, they were able to go their separate ways cordially, thankful for the good years while also certain it was time to move on.
  • Paul was a resident in hospice who shed tears during his Reconnective Healing session over old grievances that he still held against his sibling with whom he had been estranged for many years. Following his healing session, he felt certain he needed to speak with his sibling again, which he did. They were able to find forgiveness and reconnect in love before Paul died a few weeks later.
  • Dawn enjoyed an easy-going relationship with her two adult children as long as she avoided discussing emotionally charged cellTalking2issues.  This limited their relationship to a “fair weather” relationship only, as it is often the bumps in the road and expression of emotions that allow relationships to deepen. Shortly after Reconnective Healing, each of Dawn’s children phoned to discuss personal problems with her. She was surprised by this turn of events and found she was able to listen (just listen!) without judgement and without becoming emotional and forcing her views. She felt calm and peaceful throughout each conversation which transferred to her children who both thanked her for listening and told her how much they appreciated her support during their difficulty. She feels certain that Reconnective Healing has changed her, her relationships, and how she responds to others.

With certainty comes progress…life progress.LifeProgress