Reconnective Healing

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is a a new level of healing – energy health care.  It facilitates a return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness and vitality. You have access to the potential to create change and improve all aspects of your life – health, career, relationships, and abundance.

How is Reconnective Healing "new"?

BookRZReconnective Healing was introduced to the world by Dr. Eric Pearl in the early '90s. In terms of our human evolution, that is "new".  It is also "new" in that these healing frequencies have not been available to us before. Scientists are suggesting that "these frequencies are possibly here on the planet for the first time".

A little background on Dr. Pearl... He was a successful chiropractor practising in Los Angeles until he discovered he was able to facilitate incredible healings without touching his patients, but by using frequencies that he later called "Reconnective Healing".  Dr. Pearl is bringing a new level of consciousness and healing to the planet. He travels the globe lecturing and training in this healing work.  He is also the author of the best-selling book, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” and co-author of “Solomon Speaks”.

Please explain the "reconnect" in Reconnective Healing.

With Reconnective Healing, we are reconnecting on many different levels...reconnecting to Wholeness, Higher Consciousness, healing, pure potential, and to the Divine, and even reconnecting DNA. Let me explain further.

As humans, we are not just our material bodies:  we are multidimensional beings. That is, we are our physical bodies and we are also our thoughts, feelings, energy and consciousness.  We exist in time and space, in a multidimensional universe.

AtomFZIf we look at our body matter (muscle, bone, blood, skin, etc.) through an electron microscope, we begin to see smaller details such as cells, nuclei, and DNA, until we reach the smallest particles or molecules made up of atoms. Yet atoms contain more space than actual matter. A hydrogen atom is 99.99% space!  This space between atoms is not “empty space” as it is sometimes called, but is a field of energy. This field of energy is within us, through us, and around us.  It is perhaps more appropriate to say that we exist within this field of energy than to say that the energy exists within us!

DNAFZOur field of energy merges with the field of energy of others and creates a network that coalesces with the energy of the Universe forming a vast continuum that is referred to by many names – The Zero Point Field, Supernatural Intelligence, God, Universal Energy, Quantum Consciousness, Cosmic Interconnectedness – to name just a few! Whatever you call It, remember that energy is potential. When we are able to tap into this field (which we can do with Reconnective Healing), we can access pure potential.

Although we are in this field (and it is impossible NOT be in this field), we have created a separation from our intuitive, instinctive, feeling self…from our Higher Consciousness.  This is partly due to overvaluing of logic and reasoning which has dominated our thinking for centuries, at the expense of our instinctive Higher Self. However, separation goes back much further, as ancient cultures talk of a time of perfection, followed by a separation from that perfection. Some cultures describe this as a fall from grace. For instance, there is Prometheus' fall from grace in Greek mythology or the Fall of Man (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden) in Christian traditions. As for connecting to the DNA that I mentioned, humans currently have two active strands of DNA (the double helix). Our active DNA is just 3% of our DNA. The remaining 97%  scientists called "junk DNA" simply because they did not know its purpose. (Slowly, they are uncovering hidden switches and signals in this DNA.) We already know from the scientific studies that Reconnective Healing does repair defects in DNA. The "reconnect" may also refer to reconnecting inactive DNA. "What you are doing is reconnecting strands." This is one of the messages that was channeled to Dr. Eric Pearl about this work.

So what is happening then during a Reconnective Healing session?

EnergyFZDuring a Reconnective Healing session, the practitioner is accessing a spectrum of energy, light and information known as Reconnective Healing frequencies and an interaction occurs between your energy, the practitioner’s, and this Supernatural Intelligence. There is a 3-way merging or a connection of energy that occurs. In a sense, the practitioner acts like an antenna, tuning in the frequencies so that you can resonate with these frequencies. Or, put another way, the practitioner is holding open a door so that Universal energy can flow to you, be received by you.

So Reconnective Healing taps you into this Supernatural Intelligence, into this storehouse of information and potential, like hooking up the personal software of YOU to a super computer!  As the doorway opens, you reconnect with your Higher Consciousness or Higher Self!  You reconnect to your multi-dimensionality. Where there was separation and lost communication with the Higher Self, there is now an opening with clearer channels of communication. It's like having a personal guide to give you directions and advice on where to go and how to get there. You have access to the potential to create change and improve all aspects of your life – health, career, relationships, abundance. Potential becomes reality!

MusicFZWhat will I experience during a session of Reconnective Healing?

Clients experience a wide variety of sensations or even no sensations at all during a session. The experience is unique for each person. Some people feel physical sensations including twitching, pressure, heat, cold, or tingling. Others experience colours, vivid images and memories, fragrances, music, expansion, or pulling out of emotional blocks. Many report feeling deep relaxation, an overall sense of peace and calm, or bliss.

Whatever you experience during your session is perfect for you and your experience can vary from session to session.  The healing is not dependent on how many sensations or experiences you feel. Profound healing occurs even when the session seems uneventful.

 Do I need to return frequently for more Reconnective Healing?

TimeSpaceFZReconnective Healing is not therpay, nor is it intended to be repeated in ongoing weekly sessions for long periods of time. Have 1-3 sessions, as you feel drawn to do. Usually the the third session, you recognize and understand the healing that you did receive. These sessions can be a day apart, two days, a week or longer…whatever you feel is correct for you. Healing can be instantaneous or it may unfold gradually. Either way, it is important that you allow time for the healing to continue and for you to observe the changes that take place. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait three months or longer before returning for further sessions.  However, if you experience a major life change, such as a car accident, you may return sooner.

What benefits will I experience after Reconnective Healing?

With Reconnective Healing, the practitioner does not direct the energy to a specific area of the body, nor do we set an intention for how the healing should manifest.  We trust that healing will occur and we receive the energy, but we don’t send or direct it. We get out of the way and let a Higher Power set the priority to guide and direct the healing to where it is most needed.

SomeHealingQuoteLongFZ of the benefits that clients have experienced during and after Reconnective Healing are:

  • Overwhelming peace and calm
  • Less affected by life’s triggers ie. “That guy at work that used to be such a jerk seems so much nicer.” (Who do you think changed – the guy at work or you?)  ie. “I used to hate noisy restaurants. Now they don’t bother me.”
  • Inner visions; heightened intuition
  • Deeper sleep; return of colourful dreams
  • Overall wellbeing, feelings of bliss, increased JOY
  • An “overwhelming sense of knowing” ie. “After RH, I had an overwhelming sense of knowing it was time to end a relationship/buy a house/quit my job.”
  • Straightening of the spine
  • Release of strong emotions
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Sharpening of focus and increased mental clarity
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Improved level of professional skills (massage therapists, teachers, musicians, artists, Bowen therapists, Homœopaths, mediums, etc)
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved response to physical therapies (requiring less therapy, less often)
  • Restructuring of damaged DNA (see Science page)
  • Alleviation of physical ailments

globeWhat is Distance Reconnective Healing?

With Distance sessions, the practitioner is in her office, but the recipient may be anywhere in the world!  Time and space are irrelevant with Reconnective Healing. This enables you to receive a healing session even when you are not able to attend in person. Clients report experiencing the same sensations that one might experience during an in-person session.

You may also gift distance sessions to a friend, loved one, or pet. Does the other person need to be aware that you've requested healing on their behalf?  No!  Just as we offer a prayer for a loved one, we can offer a healing with the person's highest good in mind. Of course, Distance sessions may also be gifted to someone with their full awareness!

At the designated appointment time, the practitioner will phone or Skype the recipient. You will then sit or lie down where you will be undisturbed for 30 minutes so that you may enjoy the experience and be aware of sensations and responses in the body.  After 30 minutes, the practitioner will phone or Skype you again to discuss what you experienced.

When the recipient is not aware that a healing session is being offered to them, there will be no phone/Skype calls before or after the table time. The healing will be offered at the appointed time. Please note that the healing does not interfere with the activities being performed by the recipient at the time of the session.

dogCan Reconnective Healing be done with animals?

Yes! Sessions are offered in the pet's home where they feel most comfortable. Your pet may be lying down, playing, eating, running...whatever they choose to do. The practitioner will be working in the energy field around your pet. This may be while standing beside your pet or it may be from across the room. (Remember, time and space are irrelevant to Reconnective Healing.) Pets often are drawn to the energy and will sit or lean into the Practitioner as if to say, "Yes, more please!" Distance Reconnective Healing can also be done with pets.