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It’s A Sign !

Hiking in the woods has become a sure-fire way to get my creative juices flowing. One day as I stood at the edge of the ravine surrounded by trees, I became aware of a woodpecker, rat-a-tat-tat. Where was it? I searched the branches repeatedly until I realized it was on the other side of the… Read more »

Remain Childlike

Today, while out on my morning walk, I acted like such a child! You see, I saw the city truck and the noisy machine, and I got soooo excited! SOMETHING was about to happen! Yes, I was jumping with curiosity. And then that little voice in my head said, “Curiosity killed the cat, you know.”

Letting Go To Move Forward

There is a feeling of Certainty that occurs after Reconnective Healing, an overwhelming sense of knowing.  Years ago, after my RH sessions, I knew with certainty that I had to quit my part time job in bookkeeping. I also knew with certainty that it was time to go more fully into the holistic work that… Read more »

A Driveby Healing

Have you ever been working on your computer when, without warning, your programs close and the system starts to do an update?  Grrrrrr, this can feel frustrating and may lead to expletives of anger!  But, to paraphrase the Dalai Lama, “If you can do something about a problem, then there is no need to be… Read more »

Certainty In Relationships

People often feel certainty about relationships after interacting with Reconnective Healing frequencies.  This certainty may relate to entering into a relationship commitment or, alternatively, may be about knowing it is time to end a relationship. Sometimes it is about finding forgiveness, opening channels of communication, or holding a space of love to truly listen without… Read more »

A Year Of Certainty

After interacting with Reconnective Healing frequencies, people often express an “overwhelming sense of knowing”. While it is experienced differently for each person, it is a feeling of certainty, perhaps about changes to be made to a job or a residence, certainty about new beginnings, relationships or self.  But Certainty is a continuous refrain that is… Read more »

Reconnecting Soul Parts

For weeks, I had been having a recurring dream. It wasn’t always exactly the same, but it was always about the same thing. In my dream, a young girl had gone missing and no one knew where she was or even if she was alive or dead. Efforts to find her had led nowhere. Hindsight… Read more »

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Synchronicities are moments of “meaningful coincidence”, often described as being in the right place at the right time or meeting the right person at the right time. Synchronicity is also defined as energies that align with purpose. When one is balanced and aligned with Creative Source, synchronicities occur more frequently. Over the last few months,… Read more »

Toads, Turtles & Messages from the Woods

It started with toads. (Yes, toads!)  For months, while rambling along the woodland path,   I would notice that a toad would leap out in front of me, then quickly hop across the path. But it wasn’t just one toad. There were heaps of them every time I went hiking. One morning, with seemingly more… Read more »

Lies We Tell Ourselves

A recent web article about broken trust got me thinking, really thinking. About lies. How often do we lie? Has lying become habitual? Do we even recognize when we are lying? Is it the frequency of lying that matters? Is it the size of the lie that counts (or doesn’t count)?  Or have we so… Read more »